Where and what to do next?

Dear friends,

The project "Outdoor In - Zubin Potok tourism development" ends on 28 February 2015. You can read on its achievements on our Facebook portal, or at By the end of the project we are obliged to make a Tourism Development Strategy of Ibarski Kolasin (Zubin Potok), a Tourist Monograph of the municipality and to present the tourism potential Ibar Kolasin tourism Fair in Belgrade. At the end of the project will also establish an organization for the development of tourism in the municipality of Zubin Potok, which will probably be called "Outdoor In" because it has become a recognizable name in this field.

However, there is a question what to do next? Should we continue to work on the development of tourism in the Ibar Kolasin or let it fade?

Although representatives of the EU Office in Kosovo satisfied with the results achieved by the project (as can be seen in statements of Mr. Stock, Head of Operations of the EU Office in Kosovo during a press conference in Caglavica, see:, the EU rejected our proposal for project continuation. In other words, at this moment there are no funds to continue activities on tourism development in the Zubin Potok municipality.

As one of the biggest results of the Outdoor In project, we emphasize the positive energy we have generated among many people who believed in us and who helped us to establish Ibarski Kolasin as an attractive tourist destination. Their support has given us the strength to persist when it was the hardest, when we received threats and be called with all kind of pejorative names. Hence, the question is whether we have the right to stop now, when we have made significant initial steps are usually the hardest?!

We have always believed that the development of tourism in Ibarski Kolasin is not just a matter of people working in the Outdoor In. First of all, tourism development is a matter of the Municipality but also all of us who live in Zubin Potok, from the private sector through sports and recreational associations, youth and citizens in general. Tourism development also depends on the people who do not live Ibarski Kolasin but can significantly contribute to the promotion of the area, as well as from donors that can provide financial support that can help achieve targeted objectives and support implementation of necessary activities. Hence, we can not and will not do it alone, only together can we achieve significant results in tourism development of Zubin Potok municipality.

In this regard, we invite you to give us suggestions for tourism development in Ibarski Kolasin. Here we present the basic elements of the Tourism Development Strategy Ibarski Kolasin on which we are working intensively within the Outdoor In project.

Our vision is that by 2020 Ibarski Kolasin become internationally recognizable attractive location for active tourism.

Our goal is that by 2020, Zubin Potok municipality has at least 10,000 tourists annually, which will bring an annual income of at least 2 million EURO.

Our focus is to develop the potential for active tourism on the Ibar River, the Gazivode Lake and the mountains Mokra Gora and Rogozna. The combination of mountains, lakes and rivers gives us a unique opportunity to build diversified tourism products that will be recognised on the tourism market for its uniqueness across the Balkans.

To achieve this it is necessary to:
- Develop new tourism products;
- To improve tourism and communal infrastructure, including a beautification of urban and rural areas;
- To develop the private sector to provide services in tourism (accommodation and food, as well as various specialized tourist services);
- To improve human resources in tourism;
- To organize tourist, sporting and cultural events that attract tourists;
- To brand the area, promote the tourism potentials and tourism offer Ibarski Kolasin.

We invite you to actively participate in tourism development of Ibarski Kolasin with your suggestions and ideas. We need your support in all aspects, from proposing new tourism products through ideas for organizing various events that attract tourists to branding the area and promotion of Ibarski Kolasin (for example, you can send your friends a link of the promo movie "Get ready for the adventure! " 106795032). You might also help us with suggestions for development of tourism infrastructure or improvement of human resources. In addition, you can provide us with fundraising, project proposal writing, collecting donations and contributions. Finally, you can volunteer at events or activities that will be organized in the future. All constructive suggestions are welcome!

Outdoor In is just the beginning, we live for the day when Ibarski Kolasin become recognized as a hub of active tourism in the Balkans. We hope you share our dreams too.

Get ready for adventure!