Via Ferrata

Via Ferrata

Via Ferrata Berim

Dare to imagine!

This is an attraction for those seeking adventures and extreme outdoor activities – Via Ferrata. Feel the adrenalin and enjoy the fantastic nature with maximum safety. Ferrata is located on the rocks of Berim on Mokra Gora Mountain. It is 25km far from Zubin Potok, and the road to Via Ferrata crosses the Gazivode Dam further to Kovace Village, followed by a gravel road to Previja and further to Berim.

Via Ferrata starts with a mountain path from the logistic camp, passing below the Berim Rocks, and branching off a narrow path to the first vertical section. The first vertical section is around 80m long and it leads to a cave with a bench placed on the edge, with a stunning view of the landscape. Via Ferrata further follows a vertical climb through the cave and continues to the first peak of Berim at around 160m of height difference from the starting point. There is an exit from the first peak to the logistic camp. For braver climbers who wish to continue, Via Ferrata goes further to the second peak of Berim with the next vertical section. This part of Via Ferrata includes a horizontal section which provides a completely different experience from the climb on previous vertical sections. The second peak is at 1520 m above sea level or around 300m of height difference from the starting point. There is a rest area there good for taking photos of beautiful landscapes of Ibarski Kolasin, Rogozna and Kopaonik Mountains, and a small part of Gazivode Lake is also visible. The climb on Via Ferrata ends here, and the path continues further down the steep slope to the logistic camp.
Package: Via Ferrata Berim

The package includes:
- Transportation from Zubin Potok to Via Ferrata and back
- A climb on Via Ferrata with a guide and necessary equuipment
- Lunch in the logistic camp
- Total length: 4km/3-3,5h
- Vertical length: 500m
- Altitude difference: 300m
- Difficulty: 3 PD

PRICE: 20€

Price 20€
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