Make a few brave steps for a completely new view at the world!

If you want an feeling of freedom and adrenalin and enjoy the bird’s-eye view, paragliding is your choice. You will fly freely between land and the sky, above magical landsacpes, and see Ibarski Kolasin from a completely different angle and enjoy the beauties beneath your feet. Experience the flight and enjoy the nature of Ibarski Kolasin from a completely different angle.

In cooperation with the paragliding club “Sokolica”, we provide the opportunity for a dream come true to many adventure and height lovers.

Package: Tandem paragliding flight on Gazivode Lake

The package includes:
- Transportation from Zubin Potok to the starting point and back
-Tandem flight (duration depends on weather conditions, usually around 15-20 minutes)
- Free us of the kayaks on Gazivode Lake


Price 50€
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