Hiking tour to Berim - Mokra Gora, Ibarski Kolasin

Hiking and Ecological Club "Gora" from Kragujevac, Hiking Club "Berim" from Zubin Potok, Hiking Club "Zmaj" from Zvecan and Outdoor In from Zubin Potok are jointly organizing a hiking tour to the mountain peak of Berim (1731 masl), one of the most beautiful peaks of Mokra Gora mountain, in the municipality of Zubin Potok, Ibarski Kolasin.

Hiking will be organized on 22 August 2015, starting at 7h from Zubin Potok. Hikers will be transported by bus from the village Rezala where the tour will start. The tour will lead through the Roglica Hill, with one of the most beautiful views over Berim and Gazivode Lake to Previja, and further on to Berim. On the way back, the hikers will visit Savina voda Spring in Mokra Gora, and following the road through the village Prodanovici they will reach the school in Kovace village, from which they will be transported home. Total length of the tour is around 20km, with the altitude difference of 1030 meters.

It is estimated that the hike will last for around 9 hours of average hiking walk with breaks for rest, enjoying the scenery and taking photos. In Mokra Gora, the ascent and descent path leads through steep slopes, and the hikers have to be physically fit for such conditions, with good hiking shoes that will ensure safe ascent and descent. Other equipment should be brought in accordance with the weather conditions and layered clothing. A raincoat and a flashlight are required. Walking poles can make the ascent significantly easier and ensure a safe descent on the path. There are drinking water springs on the path, but sufficient quantity of drinking water should be carried in the backpack. The expected return time in Zubin Potok is between 18h and 19h.

All interested hikers are invited to join us in this hiking tour and experience Ibarski Kolasin from a different angle. Reservations can be made by e-mail to