Climbing on the Berim Rocks - Dare to Imagine

We have a pleasure to announce the news that InTER has started the implementation of a new project "Climbing on the Berim Rocks - Dare to Imagine", which is a continuation of the initiative to develop active tourism potentials in Ibarski Kolasin.

The project is financially supported by the Embassy of Finland and the PPSE Program of the Swiss Government. The project is implemented by InTER, in cooperation with Zubin Potok municipality, the newly formed NGO Outdoor In and the Lifesaving Club "Wolf" from Foca (BiH). The project duration is 10 months, from 1 March to 31 December 2015.

The project objective is to develop and promote new products for active tourism in Zubin Potok municipality, which will contribute to affirmation of this area as an attractive tourism destination.

Key project activities are:
- Construction of Via Ferrata;
- Preparing of Berim Rocks for climbing in at least 10 directions;
- Purchase of necessary climbing equipment;
- Construction of the logistic camp;
- Training of tourist guides for Via Ferrata;
- Promotion of new tourism products.

We invite all interested to join is in project implementation, particularly in developing Via Ferrata and necessary infrastructure, as well as in promotion of these unique tourism products.

Get Ready for the Adventure!