Project "Outdoor In - Zubin Potok Tourism Development" is officially closed

The project "Outdoor In - Zubin Potok Tourism Development" officially ended on 28 February 2015, two years after the start. The project was supported by the third call of the EURED Programme, which is funded by the European Union through the EU Office in Kosovo, and jointly implemented by Zubin Potok municipality and the Institute for Territorial Economic Development - InTER.

Numerous results were achieved by the project and you could read on them on our Facebook profile or on the website: We succeeded to draw public attention on natural beauty of Ibarski Kolasin, to initiate thinking that tourism can be a development branch of economy and to motivate a large number of people to be involved in the development of tourism. We have achieved success in developing some basic tourist products such as the beach on the Gazovide Lake, cycling and hiking paths and accompanying tourist signalization, outdoor gym and indoor climbing wall.

During the last two years we have organized numerous sports and tourism events, some of which are hiking events and adventure race: Gazivode - Mokra Gora. In addition, we organized two International Summer Camps where we welcomed young people from across the Balkans.
We have achieved great success in marketing: we made a promo film "Get Ready for the adventure! ( which has been seen on our Vimeo cannel by over 7,700 people. From December 2014 this film is broadcasted on TV station "MIR" from Leposavic, which covers municipalities of Leposavic, Zvecan and Mitrovica, and through a cable broadcasters it is seen in other parts of Kosovo as well. In addition to the film, during the project we have been active in designing brochures, posters, banners, t-shirts and other promotional material, which we have become recognized within our target groups. Recently we have participated at the International Tourism Fair in Belgrade, which is the fourth fair event in which we participated in the previous two years. Our promotion success can also be measured by the fact that we have nearly 2,400 followers on Facebook profile, which also present a great asset for the future.

As an important result of the project, we facilitated creation of a Zubin Potok Tourism Development Strategy and a tourist monograph with mythical stories and legends that both will soon be presented to the public.
In the end, within the scope of the project we established an organization called "Outdoor In". The goal of this organization is, in cooperation with the municipality of Zubin Potok, InTER and other stakeholders, to continue work on development of tourism in Ibarski Kolasin. The organization is non-profit, but will have an element of social entrepreneurship through developing employment opportunities in tourism industry for youths and people from rural areas. In order to maintain continuity with the results achieved in the previous two years, newly established organisation "Outdoor In" kept the same visual identity (logo) as the project.

We invite you to join us in the work of the organization Outdoor In and to support our efforts to develop tourism in Ibarski Kolasin. It does not matter from where you are, please join us if you like outdoor tourism, Ibarski Kolasin, or if you like to work in tourism development. For more information please come to visit us at our office in Zubin Potok, or contact us via e-mail You can also leave a message in the inbox.

If you think that our activities stop here, soon we will surprise you with a new announcement ... till then Get Ready, the adventure awaits you in Ibarski Kolasin!