Winter Hiking Event "Kurilo 2014"

On Saturday 13 December 2014, in cooperation with the Mountaineering Club “Berim” from Zubin Potok and PEK Gora Kragujevac, Outdoor In organizes the winter mountaineering event “Kurilo 2014”. The event is organized on behalf of the International Mountain Day (11 December). We invite all mountaineers, hikers and nature lovers to join us on this event.

The event starts at 8AM from Zubin Potok (the bus starts from the Gas Station). The bus will take us to Ravni Do (1015m above sea, the village of Jabuka) at the regional road Zubin Potok – Istok, where we start with hiking. The tour will go along Vetrnik hill to houses in Velika Kaludra village, then we go down to cross the rivulet and up to Mala Kaludra village, later through Melaja saddle to the houses of Drijen Village. From there we hike up to Stavalj and then to the old Vulcano called “Kurilo” (1458m above sea), which is our final destination. From the top of Kurilo peak there is a marvelous view on Metohia valley, Sar Mountain and Cicavica. After a break at Kurilo, we go down, along houses in Mutavdzici village, to the regional road Zubin Potok – Istok where the bus will wait for us.

The total length of the trail is about 13km. The elevation profile is provided below.

Outdoor In will organize a bus and will provide a lunch for all participants when we come back to Zubin Potok.

For participants that come outside of Zubin Potok, we can recommend accommodation in a hostel run by SRC Mokra Gora (former students’ dormitory) where the cost is 500RSD (4.5EUR) per person per night, or in one of three hotels in Zubin Potok (Dva Lava, Zapis or Aleksander), where the cost is about 10EUR for bed and breakfast. All contacts you might find at

There is a bus that daily operate from Belgrade to Zubin Potok (via Kragujevac, Kraljevo, Raska and Novi Pazar). It starts from Belgrade at 12:45h (BAS, 12 platform), while from Zubin Potok it starts at 3:15AM.

For all information you might contact Outdoor In at or at +381 63 85 50 929.

Get Ready for the Adventure!

p.s. Photos from last year event you might find on