Safety course for paraglider pilots

On October 2 – 5, a safety course for paraglider pilots will be organised by the Aeronautical Union of Serbia on the lake Gazivode in Zubin Potok, Kosovo and Metohija. This course is a part of the training and education of pilots for the purpose of practicing piloting in different situations during the flight, through the simulation of possible adverse situations.

In the course of three days, about 70 pilots will follow the theoretical and practical part and fly over one of the most beautiful lakes in Serbia performing safety maneuvers. Pilots will use radio links to be in contact with the instructor on the ground, which will give them instructions and warnings. Landing of participants is planned to be set on the lake shore, and a team of lifeguards with a speedboat, swimmer, diver and medical staff will be on duty in case of unplanned fall of pilots and paragliders into the water.

Training of paraglider pilots is a part of the "CAN" (Crossborder Air Networking Project), which is financed from pre-accession funds of the European Union, implemented by the Aeronautical Union of Serbia. Just a few days earlier, the Office for European Integration lead by the Minister Jadranka Joksimovic awarded the prize to the Union, as the implementer of one of the 13 most successful projects also financed from these funds.

All interested parties are invited to come to the village Rezala and enjoy the stunts and have fun with the pilots.

Get ready for the adventure!