Training in extreme sports for the youth

In cooperation with the rescue team Wolf Foca (BiH), Outdoor In organizing training in extreme sports for the youth of Zubin Potok and other municipalities in northern Kosovo (Zvecan, Mitrovica and Leposavic). The aim of the training is to strengthen the human capacity for the provision of tourism services in these kinds of sports.

Training will be organized in the following sports:
- Free / sport climbing;
- Diving;
- Paragliding;
- Kayaking;
- Rafting; and
- First aid.

In addition, there will be organized and specialized training for future trainers for climbing on an artificial wall to make the Outdoor In sports hall in Zubin Potok.

Training will be organized in Zubin Potok and snarled at the camp, from 25-31 August 2014.

Interested can only be entered through the online form which can be found at The second type of registration of participants will not be considered.

Any additional questions can be set to