Mountain Race: Gazivode - Mokra Gora 2015

On Saturday, October 10, 2015 a Mountain Race: Gazivode - Mokra Gora was organised by Outdoor In, Institute for Territorial Economic Development - InTER, Sport Club “Alti” and the Municipality of Zubin Potok. This sport and tourism event was organised within the project “Climbing on Berim Rocks – Dare to Imagine”, financed by the Embassy of Finland, and also supported by PPSE/Swisscontact and USAID Empower.

The event was attended by the Ambassador of Finland, Anne Huhtamäki and her associate Jehona Ademaj, representative of PPSE Ivana Bozic, as well as officials from the Municipality of Zubin Potok including the Mayor, Stevan Vulovic. The mountain race was covered by three TV crews: RTV Mir from Leposavic, RTK2 – program in Serbian and TV Most from Zvecan.

The event attracted 29 runners and more than 50 hikers, who showed an incredible sport spirit and love for outdoor activities in spite of extremely bad weather conditions (heavy rain, fog, wind and low temperature). Due to extremely bad weather conditions, the race length was reduced by around 6km and the trail was changed in a way to remain under 1300m above sea level.

The winners in the ladies’ race are:

1. Sofija Arapovic 2:05:28
2. Sanja Kavaz 2:18:38
3. Tamara Sekerovic 2:38:52

The winners in the mens’ race are:

1. Aleksandar Dimitrijevic 1:35:19
2. Dimitrije Djuric 1:43:46
3. Goran Milicic 2:03:24

A special award was given to Nevena Stojakovic who ran two rounds by mistake, and even though injured and chilled, did not want to be transported by the car and finished the race.

Special awards were also given to the first climbers on Via Ferrata, a new tourist product in Ibarski Kolasin: 

• Branislav Tomasevic, PSD Cira, Lajkovac;
• Mirjana Rvovic, PSD Cira, Lajkovac; 
• Dragutin Milovanovic, PD Cer, Šabac;
• Dijana Pejcic, PSD Cira, Lajkovac; and
• Jelena Ivanovic, PD Vis, Lazarevac.

Outdoor In wishes to thank all the people who helped the organisation of the mountain race: Gazivode - Mokra Gora;

Embassy of Finland: Ambassador Anne Huhtamäki and her associate Jehona Ademaj;
Municipality of Zubin Potok: Stevan Vulovic (the Mayor);
PPSE/Swisscontact: Ivana Bozic;
Sports Club: Dragana Rajblovic;
Police Station Zubin Potok: Commander Zvezdan Milivojevic;
SRC Mokra Gora Zubin Potok: Igor Ivkovic and other staff;
Health Centre Zubin Potok;
Cultural Centre "Vojvodina", Zubin Potok: Andrijana Zivanovic;
Transportation company Kolašin Prevoz
PD Zmaj - Miroslav Chella Lazarevic
PD Berim: Miroslav Bozovic;
NGO Marimangat: Virtyt Gacaferi;
Volonteri: Miloš Milovanović, Dragan Radulovic, Nemanja Milovanović, Luko Utvic, Aleksandar Milosavljevic, Nikola Bojovic, Marija Milenkovic, Jovana Jakovljevic and Tatjana Potezica;
Numerous citizens of Zubin Potok who helped the runners in different ways: showing directions to the trail, free transportation, etc.

We owe special gratitude to media representatives who covered this event:
RTV Mir Leposavic: Sanja Sovrlic and Sladjan Jasnic;
RTK2 program in Serbian: Tatjana Slavic and team members;
TV Most