• Zubin Potok

    Zubin Potok

    The town of Zubin Potok is a center of cultural, sporting and other major events and life of the municipality. It is located in Radičpoljska valley, near the village Zubodolina... >>>

  • outdoor in

    Monastery Crna Rijeka

    Crna Rijeka is a cave church located in the cliff on the left bank of the river of the same name. Crna Rijeka, located directly below the monastery does not flow over the surface... >>>

  • Jezero Gazivode

    Gazivode Lake

    With the damming of the river Ibar, in 1977, an artificial Gazivode Lake was built, as one of the main attractions of Ibarski Kolasin. It was named after the village of the same name... >>>

  • Plaza Jezero Gazivode

     The beach Gazivode Lake

    One of the components of Outdoor In project is the construction of tourism infrastructure, particularly the construction of the beach and playground at Gazivode Lake... >>>

  • Planina Mokra Gora

    Mountain Mokra Gora

    Beauty of the Balkans, as called by Jovan Cvijic, is one of the most beautiful mountains in Serbia. It is known for interesting phenomena such as caves, potholes...  >>>


What nature could not create, man built instead. And today you can enjoy the beauty of the river man decided should become a lake.
Gazivode Lake became the main point for outdoor activities, with reflections of the skies and Mokra Gora mountain on the water surface. The air is clean and fresh, and numerous fishermen, hikers, adventure lovers with their exploring and hedonistic spirit reveal the magic jointly offered by the lake and the mountain.

Get ready for the adventure!



How to get there

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Climbing routes

Climbing routes

As a part of our cooperation with Alpinistički Odsek Beograda we have prepared ten routes for free climbing on Berim >>>

Mountain Race: Gazivode - Mokra Gora 2015

Mountain Race: Gazivode - Mokra Gora 2015

On Saturday, October 10, 2015 a Mountain Race: Gazivode - Mokra Gora was organised by Outdoor In, Institute for >>>