Mokra Gora

Beauty of the Balkans, as called by Jovan Cvijic, is one of the most beautiful mountains in Serbia. It is situated on the right bank of the Ibar River and it is a watershed between the Black Sea and the Adriatic basin. It is known for interesting phenomena such as caves, potholes, sinkholes providing surreal view of some of its parts. When sinkholes are filled with water and viewed from a distance, they look like eyes, and those natural lakes are often called "mountain eyes". The scenery includes long green meadows and evergreen forests and those who decide to walk there will have an experience to remember and carry forever. It is no less enjoyable in winter, when white snow covers meadows and forests, when the lakes freeze and the sky merges with all this space. You will have the impression that you are in a fairy tale, and you should certainly not miss to capture surreal landscapes in a photo. This is not a place characterized by extreme superlatives, this is the place to be enjoyed with all the senses: feel the soft earth of moorland under the feet, smell the scent of wild roses and mountain herbs, listen to the call of birds and flowing water, and watch the beauty of the scenery and enjoy the spectacular views from the cliffs of Berim, the summit of Mokra Gora.

Savina river stands out with its beauty and mystique, originating from the karst springs, and a few hundred meters downstream sinking at a place called Uvor. It is interesting that the water from Savina river branches and appears on two sides. While one branch of the river makes Crna Rijeka, the second appears on a completely opposite side in Metohijski podgor. Lake is especially beautiful landscape, which is located about one hundred meters away from Savina river, and it is constantly under water. Its almost regular circular shape and considerable depth (more than 10 m, depending on the flow of precipitation), undoubtedly indicate its glacial origin.

Mokra Gora is perfect for adventure lovers as it has trails that are suitable for both hiking and exploring nature, as well as extreme sports, mountaineering, biking. Paragliders are regular visitors to the mountains and the sky above it.

Do not miss the opportunity to go to the blueberry harvest that starts in mid-June, or at least enjoy the shade of pine trees while sipping fresh blueberries.

The highest peaks are - Rаdopolje 1751, Berim 1733, Oklаčkа glаvа 1732 m.

There is a variety of flora and fauna. In addition to attractive landscapes, the area also has a favorable climate, healthy and untouched natural environment. In Mokra Gora the most potentially achievable type of tourism is excursion tourism. However, at several sites there are also conditions for construction of ski runs, ski lifts and hotels, which is planned to be implemented.