Lake Gazivode

With the damming of the river Ibar, in 1977, an artificial Gazivode Lake was built, as one of the main attractions of Ibarski Kolasin. It was named after the village of the same name, near which it is located.

Its beauty does not leave anyone indifferent, and it is the main tourist destination in the summer months and the place where a great number of people from other parts of Serbia come.

It is 24 km long, and the dam is made from natural materials (rocks, soil, clay). The dam is 107m high, which makes it one of the largest in Europe. A small hydro power plant was also built and the water from the lake also supplies the Kosovo Plain.

The lake is rich in fish, which makes it a point of interest for a large number of fishermen, who are present there throughout the year. This influenced the formation of the association, so that the fishermen of the lake today can be proud of both the association and good catch. It is especially suitable for various types of sports and recreation. In fact, it can be considered its greatest asset. Every summer, more and more tourists come, and not just from Zubin Potok and the surrounding areas, but also from other parts of Serbia. This year, a new beach was also built on the lake, so this is another attraction for tourists to enjoy. One component of the project Outdoor IN also includes acquisition of equipment for windsurfing and kayaking, which will open the way for the formation of an association that will be able to gather members who are interested in this kind of sport and recreation on the water.

In recent years, there are more and more people who recognized a good place for vacation on the lake, and they build residential buildings and indulge in its beauty and nature.

Although the significance and functions of the lake were initially disputed, almost no one mentions this today, since its importance is more than obvious.